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A Bowden cable (/ˈbdən/ BOH-dən) is a type of flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force or energy by the movement of an inner cable (most commonly of steel or stainless steel) relative to a hollow outer cable housing. The housing is generally of composite construction, consisting of a helical steel wire, often lined with nylon, and with a plastic outer sheath.

Conventional bowdencables can only transmit tensile loads, whereas push/pull cables (as the name already suggests) are also able to transmit pressure loads.

We are producing bowden cables and push/pull cables for various ranges of use, such as accelerator-, brake- and gear shift cables, emergency door-release cables and many more.

Due to our company structure and the constant implementation of new technologies we are able to supply also small to medium sized enterprises with reasonable prices.

For more detailed information on our push/pull programme please have a look at the download section and download our latest catalogue. (pdf viewer required)

Whether you are looking for single-unit production or mass production: our dedicated staff are always here to help and assist you with your needs.